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“VAT will be a simple tax” – Anthony Barber, Chancellor 1973.

Welcome to Mavin & Co

Specialists in Tax Investigations and Disputes involving VAT, Excise Duty and Customs Duty

Mavin & Co is a niche tax practice specialising in tax disputes, investigations and litigation involving VAT, excise duty and customs duty. We have over 25 years’ experience in the tax profession, with previous specialist experience in the investigative arm of HM Customs & Excise.

Our wealth of experience in this specialised field of taxation enables us to provide an in-depth focused approach to the issues at hand, and to take proactive measures to safeguard and promote the interests of our clients.

We can offer an extensive range of services to businesses, organisations and individuals, including :

  • acting on behalf of clients in any investigation or dispute involving HMRC
  • challenging VAT and duty assessments and penalties
  • undertaking supply chain investigations
  • resolving disputes on the duty classification of imported goods
  • conducting appeals to the Tax Tribunals
  • advising on technical issues involving excise duties on alcohol, tobacco and hydrocarbon oils
  • challenging the detention and seizure of dutiable goods and vehicles

We also provide expert litigation support and assistance to professional advisers in both civil and criminal proceedings.


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VAT repayment claims ‘too good to be true’
VAT repayment claims in a wide range of markets are being denied by HMRC where they consider the circumstances of the transactions should have indicated they were 'too good to be true’. More

HMRC Taskforces tackling tax evasion are being driven by intelligence from the ‘Connect’ database.
Taskforces set up by HMRC to tackle tax evasion are now directed more and more by information and intelligence being fed into HMRC’s ‘Connect’ database, with over 80% of cases being initiated by intelligence data.  More

Alternative Dispute Resolution in VAT disputes and assessments
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is now available to small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in VAT disputes involving HMRC's Local Compliance teams before or after a decision or VAT assessment has been made, without restricting or impinging the taxpayer’s right to seek a review or to appeal to the Tax Tribunal. More